Fitness Coaches

Generate new leads, create a community and retain current clients.
Increase your revenues through Instagram targeted leads looking for Fitness Coaches.

Target New Clients

Our unique AI algorithm will target users specifically looking for Fitness Trainers for you without moving a muscle.

Retain Clients

Interacting with clients is key to remind them you exist. We take care of those interactions for you, reinforcing your turnover.

Build a Community

The most important point for a Fitness Coach is to build a strong community for lives or to reach new clients. Therefore we target only people who will like your content !

How it works

Target Only Potential Fitness Clients

Instagram is currently the best way to attract new leads. Imagine showing your latest workouts directly in the feeds of interested users when they wake up. Through our AI algorithm, your content will be shown to potential clients for your business.

Build A Strong Community

The more important your community, the more important your revenues. Through our targeted users and key interactions with them, people will like your content and make you grow !

Get Started

Retain Current Clients

Once you have built a strong community, it becomes quickly important to retain your clients in the middle of it. The best way to do so is to share your latest workouts to targeted users that will appreciate the content.

Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you'll Pay

Standard PlanPremium Plan
A serious step from the Light Plan, with high-speed targeted growthThe ultimate plan to grow your account in a specific location with maximum power
Dedicated Account ManagerYou can put a description here if you like.
Target Similar Users
Target Specific Fitness Hashtags
Faster Organic Growth
Target Your Location
Exclude Keywords
Premium 24/7 Support
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You're in great company.

See what clients say about us

Not only have I built a more important community than ever, but my workouts are finally seen by thousands engaged users.

Luc Sands - Fitness Trainer

Bolderr provided key advices to grow my account through various hashtags and tips. A sure thing, I would never have my current success without them.

Jessica Clark - Fitness Trainer

I was looking for a tool increasing my Instagram community around LA, and it's the first time I really see some results with an online service !

Clara Yield - Fitness Trainer
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